Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach Camping in Ventura County

Just last week, we went for a short, one night, camping trip to Pt. Mugu’s Thornhill Broom campground. It was the two of us and our 16 year old and two of her friends.

We’d never really camped there before because usually when we drive by, the place is completely full of RVs and as tent campers, we generally don’t like to go to sleep to the sound of generators.

Anyway, it was actually quite nice. Although it is smack dab right up against PCH, with only a flimsy metal fence separating us from the speeding traffic, the sites are great. You can set tents up in the sand, there are huge fire pits (so you can get that ‘big’ fire going and the water there is very clean.

As far as the sites go, sites 1-7 are good if you want to play on the beach and in the water…nothing but soft sand. (We had site #4) On the other end, sites 55-64 have some small trees and bushes that can be used for privacy…and a little shade. All of the sites in the middle have sand that leads down to rock…then the water. You have to walk over 15 yards of rock to get to the water.
Overall, I like camping there. Dogs are allowed on the beach and the lifeguards are not too strict on letting your dogs off leash (they can run and play in the water.) I guess that I’d say it would depend on what you wanted to do. There is no store and not much to do except lie in the sun and swim.

Please let us know what some of your favorite Southern California places are…camping, beaches, hiking, fishing, etc. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Sharon said...

That looks awesome! you know, right up the coast is McGrath State Beach and they have some cool spots too!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE beach camping!! It is the best...just too hard to get spots these days

daytrippingmom said...

Hi I found your page from a comment you left on my blog- I love it- I'm always looking for things fun things to do with my kids and for my blog and I love that you focus on the outdoors!! Keep up the great work.

mari. said...

Aww I always wanted to go beach camping. I was supposed to go after prom with some friends, but plans fell through last minute.

that girl said...

I've never camped on the beach..usually just in the mountains.

Rose's Mom said...

We have camped there with my parents and their motorhome before. There was lots of nice sand to set up our tent. Not my favorite spot, as I prefer more secluded campspots and shade, but nice for beach camping.

TentCamper said...

@Rose's Mom - Yeah...there is not much in the way of seclusion, unless you are way up on the north side...then you get some bushes to seperate you a bit. But if you want to be on the sand....It's there.

Thanks for the comment!!

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