Friday, August 22, 2008

The Three Thieves- Eco Wine

Bandit wine by Three Thieves comes in a clever eco-friendly “box” , whoa, don’t be scared because it is “boxed” wine… this wine is as good as any bottle of wine that I have had. The best part of it is the handy box that it comes in, it won’t break, it’s recyclable and if you are camping, you can just throw the box in the fire when you are finished with it.

The Cabernet was smooth and delicate without any harsh aftertaste or smell, it was my favorite. My sister, however, preferred the chardonnay and proclaimed that it was “buttery smooth” We took the smaller versions (approx one glass each) with us on a hiking trip and they fit perfectly in our backpacks without the weight or hassle of the glass bottle… Plus no need to bring a wine opener, you simply pull off the foil covering and voila you are drinking wine on a mountain with your sister. When we were done we literally crushed up the box and brought it back down the mountain.

The Three Thieves have created a wine for the rest of us, their one liter jugs were an instant hit and the Tetra packs are becoming increasingly popular because of their size and convenience.

This is a wine that is definitely a must for anybody on the go!

Bandit wine and more of The Three Thieves Wines are available at or
wherever all great wines are found!

Visit the Thieves and enjoy the wine!


Sharon said...

I think the banditt wine is genious. I love that the "bottles" are collapsable. EASY to SNEAK IN TO APORTS EVENTS!

Keith L said...

Hmmm, maybe this will work for boaters too. Will have to see if it passes the taste buds test. Dealing with trash when at sea is a real issue and why bottles are a pesky problem. If they break it is such a problem in the plastic bags. If they do not get broken they are so bulky.

"Bandit", as a name, may be interesting... Is it watered down? Are they ripping us off?

Or is it the right choice for a pirate weekend!?!?!

Keith L. -<"><

Anonymous said...

I'm not wine drinker, but it looks to me that this is a good idea for outdoors peopl as the containers can go right into a campfire and are far less hay than bottles.

TavoLini said...

I adore boxed wine--haven't tried Bandit, but Black Box is one of my faves. I sometimes just take the bag out of the box and carry it like that.

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