Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eureka's "Blast From The Past"

Eureka! has hit the stake on the head, when it comes to the old school tent concept. The Timberline 4 is as close to wheat I remember camping in as a child as I have seen in recent years. The A-Frame shape and its dark green color are what come to mind when I think back to camping in the 70’s. Well, that and VW’s, tie-dyes and headbands.

Obviously, the materials that are used in the Timberland are significantly lighter, and much easier to work with than the 70’s canvas and 1 ½”aluminum pole monstrosities that I first camped in.

Weighing just over 7 ½ pounds, the Timberline went up in about 8 minutes to reveal its 7’2” x 8’ 7” floor space. This tent could accommodate 4 people but we had just two. Due to the severe rain that we encountered, we had to stow all of our gear in the corners. It would have been pretty tight if there were 4 of us (plus gear.)

Throughout the evening and into the night, we got hit with quite a hard rain storm. We were a bit concerned as we had to put up some tarps in some areas of the campsite and the tarps were having a hard time keeping out the rain. The ground under the tent was basically a mud puddle and we talked about sliding a tarp underneath the tent so that we did not wake up in the middle of the night completely soaked. We opted not to use the tarp so that we could really see how the Timberland and its polyester taffeta floor would protect us.

At sunrise, as we crawled out of the tent, we felt the floor and our sleeping bags and much to our surprise, EVERYTHING was dry! After making some hot coffee, we did a basic inspection of the campsite to see what needed to be aired out or dried off. To make this easy…everything that was not inside the tent with us ….was drenched.

That being said, the Timberline gets an “A” from me for nostalgia and keeping us warm and dry during a storm.

Timberline 4
5 pole A frame tent
1/2" aluminum frame
Twin-track side opening door
Shockcorded eaves increase stability and absorb wind stress
Hooded fly front and rear allows windows to remain partially open during rain for ventilation
Large rear window and areas of uncoated fabric maximize air flow
Optional vestibule and annex add extra storage and rain protection
Sleeps - 4
Floor Size - 7'2" x 8'7"
Pack Size - 7" x 24"
Min Weight - 7 lbs. 13 oz.
Seasons - 3
Tent Area - 63 sq. ft.
Center Height - 4' 10"

The Timberland 4 (available in 2-person as well) can be purchased at for $189.99

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