Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Trailfinder Line By Energizer

The Little Pink Bunny Goes Camping
Energizer, you know…that company with that crazy pink bunny that never stops, has once again outdone its competitors. Energizer’s new Trailfinder series of lighting for outdoor enthusiasts has thoroughly impressed me. I recently had the opportunity to test out a few of the products in that line and although I don’t much like fumbling with batteries before a trip, this new line, featuring LED technology has sparked my interest.

When the batteries in a full strength lantern outlast my trusty, favorite camping flashlight, thoughts of retiring it fill my head. It is a sad thought…I love my flashlight, but with this new LED lighting option, the battery life-span is more than tripled. The thought of changing batteries has never been one of my favorite things and now I can let those thoughts slip right to the back of my head.

The Energizer products that we tested included (in the order that I liked them): 6-LED Headlight, 2-in-1 LED Light, Dual Power Lantern and the 3-LED Headlight. Surprisingly enough, I was thoroughly impressed with all of them.

The 6-LED Headlight features a 4 function light, which was great for me. It ranges from a red, night vision light all the way up to the 6-light spot/flood combo that illuminates everything around you. Running on 3 AAA Energizer MAX batteries, this “Super Headlight” can last up to 50 hours (as does the 3-LED Headlight). I actually gave my old headlight to Mariah as I wanted this one for myself. “Sorry Mariah.”

Secondly, the cute little 2-in-1 LED Light was a great bonus among the products that we got. It is a palm sized LED flashlight that when extended, serves as a great little lantern, good for inside a tent, on the table while eating or set in a box or trunk while looking for something at night. When I finally was able to get the kids to stop playing with it, it came in very handy for bathroom runs and missing garments around the campsite.

The Dual Power Lantern is also pretty cool as it offers a car adapter so that when car camping, you can plug in into the cigarette lighter and save on having to pack extra “D” batteries.
All in all, this new line from is going to make me keep going and going and going….back to Energizer.

Visit the Energizer site ( today to see where you can pick up any of the above recommended products…Brighten your next camping trip!

We can’t wait to get our next bundle of goodies from Energizer’s amazing product line.

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