Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Notch Sleeping Bags For The Tent Camper

When it comes to tent camping there are a few things to keep in mind as far as sleeping bags go. I know that for me, comfort is the key, and then comes warmth. That may be because I live in Southern California and it really does not get THAT cold. With the differing terrain that we camp on; desert floors, rocky hillsides, hard, packed dirt, pine cones and sticks, etc., etc. I, for one like to have a nice even layer of padding between my sensitive, aging body and earth’s hard floor.

We had the opportunity to review two of Sierra Design’s new sleeping bags, the men’s Verde 20 and women’s Dé Jà Vu 20. Not only did the bags keep us nice and toasty at night, both in the desert and cliff camping on the coast, but they also provided an evenly distributed layer of Climashield insulation. It is also quite nice to know that these bags incorporates Sierra Designs’ Green Effect program; The Climashield Green insulation is post-consumer recycled polyester. EcoSensor Recycled Shell material is spun from recycled materials, too. The Cocona Woven liner incorporates sustainable, all-natural Cocona for improved moisture management and odor prevention.

Now, when you talk about sleeping bags, most people don’t tend to talk about “bells and whistles” or extra features, but I’d like to just mention a few that I feel are worth a side note. These sleeping bags feature a pillow pocket, so that you don’t wake up at 3AM with a rock forming a hole in your head. Your camping pillow will stay in just the right position all night long. They also feature, one of my favorites, the snag-free zipper. I can’t tell you how many sleeping bags I have had to operate on as a result of snagged zippers. I also liked the chest pocket. It is a convenient place to keep a cell phone, light or a watch while sleeping.

As I have had the ….pleasure of camping in quite an assortment of sleeping bags and I can say that Sierra Designs is most definitely in my top list. Get out there and pick up one of these bags so that you can really get a good night’s sleep in order to enjoy all of your fun adventures during the day.

Sierra Design’s most sustainable sleeping bags, can be purchased for $179 (reg.) and $194 (long)
And are available at:

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